Financial Support

A rural economic empowerment project intends to strengthen a community by providing urban resources in rural areas.  It also intends to develop and direct the community’s skills and abilities towards establishing sustainable projects and programmes.

Tirisano Trust wants to institute a transparent and accountable culture within communities to teach them to take ownership of projects and to create a strong desire for economic literacy and empowerment.

Types of projects considered for financial support.

Monitary and non monitary support for existing or fostering of new black companies in the mining sector.

Enterprises with black controlled shareholding that are community based and have an entrepreneurial contribution by the owners.

Projects that have a potential for growth and will increase the local footprint.

Local SMMEs that operate and supply to several mining companies in a regional context.

Infrastructure projects such as Housing, Warehouses and Commercial Buildings.

Projects of a Training and Technology nature.

Points to Consider when Applying for Funding

  • Show the uniqueness of the programme and give a clear idea of the target beneficiaries in which a community organization will operate
  • Give the assurance that the community organisation and product truly address an unmet need
  • Highlight the characteristics that set the product or service apart from others and provide evidence of how the product or service will have a significant impact on the target beneficiaries
  • Provide a clear description of target beneficiaries and segmentation of these beneficiaries
  • Indicate which channels will be used to deliver the product or service to the target beneficiaries
  • List any current or potential direct and indirect competition from similar or other organization providing similar or related products or services to the same type of beneficiaries
  • Provide financial projections for the project
Application Forms

Application Forms

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