Project Description

Boreholes in conjunction with Goldfields in the Eastern Cape

The Tirisano Trust, in conjunction with Goldfields provided drinking water to rural schools in the Eastern Cape from where Goldfields’ labourers are from (labour sending area). A number of schools were visited to establish if they had drinking water and if yes from which source. Out of these six schools were identified which had no drinking water onsite.

The Tirisano Trust appointed a local borehole contractor to drill at the six schools. Ten boreholes were drilled to ensure that sufficient water was available. From the six schools, only one school had no water and another had unsafe drinking water. The latter’s boreholes were securely closed to prevent unauthorised use. Goldfields provided PlayPumps for the schools whom had drinking water, four in total.

The Tirisano Trust, during the project investigation phase, learned that one school, Bankies JS School, had no kitchen facility. The teachers prepared the food for the children in the classrooms. The Tirisano Trust appointed a local building contractor and a kitchen with a stoep was erected. Water was also relayed from the borehole to the kitchen to make it easier for the teachers.

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