To demonstrate its commitment to the requirements of Statement 100B of the dti codes for broad based structures, the Tirisano Trust has been investing a major portion of its income in investment related projects, which is in excess of R 100m.

The investments are following a long term and sustainable commercial footprint:

  1. Equity partnership in Atlas Copco South Africa – The Tirisano Trust is the controlling shareholder in Cygnimart, which is the 25, 1% black shareholder in Atlas Copco South Africa.
  2. Cape Town Airport property – the Trust has aquired a well located light industrial site close to the Cape Town international airport which is being developed on a commercial, arms length basis for 2 of the Atlas copco operations in Cape Town. The project is based on a long term lease by the client and the requirements of Supplier Development as outlined by the amended dti codes. The total project value is estimated at R12m.
  3. DDR Properties

Airport – Industria Stand

DDR Properties – Steelpoort

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