Project Description

Preferential Procurement is a legislative prerogative ( Act No5 of 2000) which most companies are still lacking when it comes to the implementation thereof, the Historically Disadvantage South African (HDSA) companies which are suppose to have benefited from this legislation have not yet realize its full benefit.

The reviewed Mining Charter has set clear targets to be achieved by 2014, with specific reference to the Procurement & Enterprise Development section, procurement will be measured on the following categoriesCapital goods 40%, Services 70% and Consumables 50% spent targets from BEE entities. Access to Local HDSA suppliers becomes very vital therefore in order to achieve these targets by 2014.

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism in partnership with Northern Cape Mine managers Association (NCMMA) and Tirisano trust jointly worked on the SMME Procurement Portal project. This is a Public and Private Partnership.

In March 2011 the NCMMA adopted the following mission statement “In recognizing the inequities of the past, the mines of the NCMMA in partnership with the Northern Cape Provincial Government and district municipalities will utilize a Principle driven approach to give effect to meaningful broad based empowerment in the NCMMA region, complimented with an emphasis on local economic development (LED)…”

The SMME Procurement Portal is in two phase’s i.e the electronic phase and the physical phase. The Portal will ensure that local suppliers’ access procurement opportunities and the mining companies will in return access provincial supplier’s data base and post procurement opportunities.


  • To support SMMEs with an office infrastructure where they can access their business information and be able to conduct business.
  • To support SMMEs with an electronic marketing tool to promote their products and services.
  • To integrate a Provincial supplier’s data base accessible to all end users.

SMME’s benefit

  • Computer literacy
  • Registration of company profiles online .
  • Access to office infrastructure i.e Computer, printer, Fax, internet access and photo copy
  • Access to procurement opportunities

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