Project Description

Tirisano Trust has continued to support the highly successful township mechanics annual initiative, in partnership with Alto Copco a R1 Million investment was made for the annual event hosted in KwaZulu Natal earlier in 2019. The objective is to equip motor mechanics from townships with the necessary skills to further enhance their capabilities, this is a clear reflection of the trust and its commitment to its communities. Priding ourselves with our innovative ideas, this project presents the perfect platform to showcase the Atlas Copcobrand in a light that was never seen before. As Mboneni Magada, General Manager at Flipro ( Pty) Ltd said “ Filpro is extremely grateful to Atlas Copco and Tirisano Trust for their solid on-ongoing support which greatly assists us in our mission to gear motor mechanics with the skills they need to further develop their competencies,” says Mboneni Magada, General Manager at Filpro (Pty) Ltd.

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